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Every day, as I write Poetiquejustis, I pray it will be a blessing to someone.
Today, I hope it is you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Peace of Home

I have made my world, 
and it is a much better world than I have seen outside
Louise Nevelson  American Sculptor

My husband and I moved this week

We took our home from one space 

and put it in to another

And we made some big  decisions

Like where we would have our morning coffee together

Where our dog Daisy would like her bed

And where to hang our grandkids artwork

You know- the important stuff that makes a house
Our books have found their shelves 

and our pictures have found their walls
and once again, our hearts have found a home

Someone told me once 
that from the minute you leave
the place of your childhood

you just keep looking for home
I found that to be true

I also found it is not a place
It is not a structure
It is being at peace where you are

So, welcome home
and that's poetiquejustis

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,

secure homes in undisturbed places of rest.
Isaiah 32:18