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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don't Read That Label

Daisy our Wonder Dog does not like the dog park

Or dog food (chicken, please, and no skin, thank you.)

Or dog collars (she prefers bandanas)

Or dog biscuits (she will make an exception for Newman Gourmet Peanut Butter Treats)

She does not care for dog groomers, preferring to shower with my Kiehls shampoo.

I get it.

I just don’t think that Daisy likes being labeled.

And humans tend to label things

We like things in nice neat little categories.

Do you know anyone who has been labeled?







Good kid

Bad kid

Did anyone ever try to stick a label on you

and then try to push and shove you until they had you where they wanted you?

Do a Daisy.

Refuse the offer.

Now go!

Yank that label off!

It may hurt a bit if you have been wearing it for a while, but do it!

Ah! There you are!

Nice to meet you!

And that’s Poetiquejustis

Campbell soup can image:

(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)