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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tasting Success

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself

Leo Tolstoy

Are you sure about that, Mr. T?

Have you taken note of our insatiable appetite for self-help books?

We want books to tell us how to change everything from how to eat to how to make friends and influence people

Don’t get me wrong…..

I love books.

Always have.

As a kid, my fondest memories are sitting up against a tree or lying in the screened in porch all summer with my nose in a book.

Yes….I was the kid with the flashlight under the covers long after “lights out” still reading.

But here is the thing about books.

They are life once removed.

Sometimes, you just have to be brave enough to taste and see to know

If life is sweet

Or sour

Or bitter

Whether we are tasting success

Or failure

It does not matter- what matters is having the courage to live and look for answers

Life will not jump off the pages for you- you have to leap out and find it.

Get bumped and bruised, but live!

If you think you can have found all the answers in a how-to book,

then maybe you need to be a little braver with your questions.

So go….close that newest self help book and leap in to life

And that’s poetiquejustis