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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Teacher.....

Dear Teacher…..

I know you have read a letter like this before, but here I am......

Our grandson is starting first grade in your class.

Do you remember when you started first grade? You had just learned to navigate kindergarten and the playground, and now this!

First Grade is a very big deal, so I thought you might want to know these things about

our grandson

He likes pirates ships, and strawberry milkshakes.

He does not like to see his little sister unhappy

and can make very funny faces to make her laugh

He still lets me hug him in public

He is not a real fan of sports

But he likes to draw and read

He got up the other morning and made his sister breakfast

(eggs well- seasoned, just the way she likes them)

His Italian heritage shows up in his passion, his love of life and his flair for the dramatic.

He does not care for loud noises, people who yell, or guns.

He is just a little kid,

so I am not quite sure why he has to sit still for 6 hours

I teach grown ups who could not sit still and learn, learn, learn for that long.....

But there you have it....

He is kind, caring, and has a bunk bed with a fort down below

He likes to visit his uncle and aunt at the beach

and go to the lake to feed the ducks with Grandpa Bruce

He is perfect.

He has only been on this this earth for six years, so he is still learning his way

yet I see more wisdom in him than I have in many grown ups

including myself

I just wanted to tell you things so you would understand why

I would prefer if you did not change him.

Respectfully, Grandma Patty

and that's poetiquejustis