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Today, I hope it is you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I May Be Reaching.....

"If you reach for the stars All you get are the stars

But we've found a whole new spin If you reach for the heavens

You get the stars thrown in" *

We went to see the Broadway roadshow of Mary Poppins last night

Time has passed since Mary P and I met in her first incarnation

and I do wish I had seen in her then

what I saw last night.

I saw beyond the spoonfuls of sugar- helpful as they may be.

I saw why Mary Poppins has survived as a Grande Dame of musical history and why people left the theater with the proverbial bounce in their step and some very real stars in their eyes:

Two very simple reasons:

Mary Poppins believed in herself (she declared herself "practically perfect")

and she makes us believe in ourselves!

OK, so she could fly with an umbrella

and had a bottomless

tote bag from which no ordinary objects came-

But it is what she pulled out of people that makes us all remember her fondly and want her in our corner!

From Chimney sweeps to children

Bird ladies to Bankers

To people transfixed in their theater seats

Ms P leaves us all believing that

"Anything can happen if you let it,

you won't know a challenge until you've met it

No one does it for you
No one but yourself
Vacillating violets get left up on the shelf

Anything can happen" *

So go!


yourself to a challenge

I believe in you. You believe in you!

Clear the shelves of those"vacillating violets"

You are going to need the room for all your new dreams and victories.

Let's remember what Mary always says...

*"Anything can happen,
it's official
You can choose the super or the superficial
Sally forth!
The way we're steering
Obstacles start disappearing

Go and chase your dreams you won't regret it"

And that's Poetiquejustis

*Lyrics: Stiles and Drew

Anything Can Happen

from Mary Poppins