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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who's Counting?

Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change.  
John Walters

I read today that there is a man out there making sure calories
are put to good use
He is making sure kids get some

Chef Bruno, a pretty famous guy in Orange County California, 

brings 300 meals a day to homeless kids 
who live in rundown motels

not very far from Disneyland- “the happiest place on earth”.

Those motels are not happy places at all.

I suppose what was also ironic is that right before I read about this,
I was counting calories-

planning my menus to make sure that in this season of abundance
I did not abound myself right out of my skinny jeans!

I got to thinkin'.....
Calories are units of heat energy
You take them in
and if  do not use them…they turn to fat

Good intentions are like that
you plan on doing a little of this

and a little of that for the community

and before you know it,
you have a menu full of ideas
but you are just carrying them around with no place to serve them up
so you are getting fat 
on Kindness Kalories
Go! burn then off!

Find a place to exercise your good intentions
That kind of exercise is REALLY good for your heart

 and that's poetiquejustis